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  • Vibra Motion Technology produces highly effective pulsation
  • Deep massage through patent pending technology
  • Adjustable frequency 12 – 56 Hz
  • The vibrating core fits in every BLACKROLL® (30cm)
  • Wide variety of usage from therapy to sports, from stimulating to relaxing
  • Devloped and produced in Germany – ISO, CE and TÜV certified

“I think the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER is a particularly great tool. The vibrating mechanism activates the metabolism and blood circulation, at the same time the there is a pain decreasing effect. This is extremely useful in the treatment of acute and chronic ailments. The stimulation reaches deep into the tissue and acts as a soothing influence to the stretch-receptors of the fascial tissue. Body awareness is improved, and you feel rejuvenated”

Dr. rer. hum. biol. Robert Schleip
Director Fascia Research Project

Shell Hood Lagoon

Package includes
BLACKROLL® BOOSTER core with screw mechanism
Micro-USB charger
Instruction manual
BLACKROLL® DVD and training instruction