Italian motorbike SuperSport Champion Massimo Roccoli trains with BLACKROLL® at our favourite Pilates studio in Rimini, Italy.

Cinzia and Max from the Atelier Pilates studio are super ‘movers’ and highly motivated BLACKROLL® Master trainers. Follow their efforts here, or on their Facebook here. Keep rolling, work on your strength, stay flexible, and be prepared for any sports!


Dfb01 21

As of today, BLACKROLL® is the new DFB license partner. (Deutscher Fußball-Bund; German Football Association). This cooperation means that BLACKROLL® officially supplies the national team of Germany at the EURO 2016 championship with small fitness / functional training, and physiotherapeutic tools. Besides this, there will be a special BLACKROLL® product line carrying the name „DIE MANNSCHAFT“ (The German National Team).

In the last decade, physiotherapy and strengthening and conditioning training have increasingly been growing together and integrated in performance sports. As a consequence, a large part of the German football teams in the national league have started to work and train with BLACKROLL® products. In other European countries we have seen this same development, which we have been following closely.

Of course we are very proud to announce today, that ‘secret weapon’ BLACKROLL® now officially has been taken up by the DFB as their go-to training tool.

DFB Marketing Director and CEO of DFB-WD Denni Strich comments: „After many tests, the trainer team has chosen the products of BLACKROLL®.

The company is young and innovative, and at the same time made it to be the market – and quality leader. Moreover, the sustainable production and ‘Made in Germany’ aspect, convinced us to go with BLACKROLL®.”

Yann-Benjamin Kugel, Fitnesstrainer of the Nationalmannschaft: „In performance sports, the athlete and its performance skills are most important. Prevention by regenerative physiotherapeutic training prevents injuries and therefore people’s health. This vision we share with BLACKROLL®. The products are simply working and are effective – full stop.“


You want to train just like the German national team? We made a special BLACKROLL® Standard edition for “DIE MANNSCHAFT” and their fans.
Get your favourite player’s custom BLACKROLL® (choose your own number) here.
Via German webshop only.


European Championship Handball: Black-Red-Golden #BADBOYS beat the Spanish

Germany wins the European handball championship in Poland and qualifies for the summer olympics! Spain was beaten by the Germans with 24 – 17 to advance outright to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brasil.

An amazing focus during the whole game, and smart training (including BLACKROLL!) preceding the exciting european championships game caused the #badboys to claim the EU title.

Andreas Wolff was one of the heroes of the game: the goalkeeper was on fire! 48% of the throws on goal were guarded off by Wolff’s incredibly fast moves. The team’s Captain Uwe Gensheimer: “after ten minutes, each and every member on the Spanish team was scared to throw and miss”.

We say, keep rolling #badboys… let nothing stop you to go for that next title: the one in Rio!

Czech ice hockey goalkeeper Kovar meets BLACKROLL

BLACKROLL® in Russia: ice hockey goal keeper Jakub Kovář  (from Czech Republique) is part of professional ice hockey team Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg. Good mobility and agility are crucial for goalkeeping on ice, so he never skips training with the one and only ROLL, here guided by physiotherapist and Czech BLACKROLL partner Michal Peroutka.

Kovář uses the ROLL mostly for warm up, before training and matches. After a session on ice, he never forgets to do myofascial release with BLACKROLL to get rid of tensions. According to his therapist, he enjoys great results, especially after treatment of the lower back, adductors, and calves.

Over more than five years, Kovar has been doing athletic training with Peroutka. And training paid off: he and his team won 3x bronze in the world championships. He played at the Olympic Games in Sochi, with the successful “Big Six” listed Czech Republique national team.


Photo credit: Michal Peroutka.


Angelique Kerber claims title Australian Open 2016… and what’s her secret weapon?

Oh, Angie! She is the first German woman to win the Australian title since Graf in 1994, and is projected to rise to no. 2 in the rankings next week. At the Australian Open’s final Kerber pulled off an incredible 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 win over the world No 1, Serena Williams, to secure her first grand slam title.

Rock and ROLL!
Eurosport asked Kerber: what does a professional tennis player carry in her bag? Of course, her rackets, phone with motivational music, earplugs, a jump rope, and: VERY important: the BLACKROLL Ball! Light and mean 😉 perfect to quickly search and destroy tensions in the body and optimise mobility. Kerber often uses it on her back and upper legs.
Watch below!

“What Angelique Kerber carries in her sports bag”: Link to Eurosport (German spoken)

1st Grand Slam 
“My whole life I was working really hard and now I’m here and I can say I’m a Grand Slam champion – unbelievable!, ” said Kerber, who had only reached the semifinals twice at the majors and hadn’t been beyond the quarterfinals since Wimbledon in 2012.


Professional Boxing: Rolling in the Ring

Two WBO (World Boxing Organisation) champions excited about BLACKROLL: Michael Wallisch (heavy weight) and Robin Krasniqi (super middle weight). Together with boxing legend Dirk Dzemski they tested the BLACKROLL® products extensively.

“Boxing is a sport, which highly impacts the body. BLACKROLL helps significantly with recovery and helps to increase flexibility of the athletes.”

left to right: Krasniqi, Wallisch, Dzemski

Canoe slalom: Marc Moragues works on flexibility with BLACKROLL

The Spanish canoe slalom professional Marc Moraques is excited about the benefits of his BLACKROLL® products.

Marc Moragues: “I’ve always had problems with flexibility. When I started using BLACKROLL®  daily, I quickly noticed an increase in flexibility and faster recovery of my muscles. Since I also use BLACKROLL for work outs, stability, balance and coordination have improved too. For my sports performance this definitely brings many benefits. I’m super stoked to be a member of the BLACKROLL® team, and can’t imagine training without BLACKROLL® anymore!

Massimo Salvati: our Champion ‘Karate Kid’

Massimo Salvati is not only an extraordinary addition to Team BLACKROLL, he is also our champion ‘Karate Kid’. Massimo practices Karate since he’s only 5 years old and still does it with 100% motivation.
His training base is Karate center Reto Kern in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. 

Massimo is not just any martial art practitioner. He has countless of championship triumphs to his name. As a performance sportman, he is now training up to 15 hours a week and participates in competitions throughout the year – and around the world.

His collection of medals is almost getting too big to contain on a single wall:

  • Gold medal at the International Champions Cup in Austria
  • 2x Swiss champion
  • 1x Gold: Wado European Championship in Germany
  • 2x Silver: Wado European Championship in Hungary + Italy
  • 1x Bronze: Wado Kai Weltcup in Tokyo, Japan
  • 3x Gold: International Basel Open, Switzerland

For Massimo to keep on winning, one thing is sure: he also keeps on rolling.
In order to continue the high performance and succes, focus on recovery is acquired. With BLACKROLL products this is simple and available at all times:

“Thanks to BLACKROLL, it is possible for me and my team mates at the Karate Center to regularly treat out bodies with different BLACKROLL products. The muscles that are mostly worked on are the calves and upper legs.
Through regular use of BLACKROLL we recover faster and are quickly back on our feet, ready for the next training.”

Massimo shows his Karate colleagues how to roll the right way… 

Saskia Güntner – Wheel Gymnast Champion on a Roll!

Saskia Güntner (23) is ‘sportsperson of the year’, a master student, works in marketing and besides all that, she is a performance sportsperson. What she does is ‘Rhönradturnen’: wheel gymnastics.

Saskia and her wheel gymnastics team at TSG Bergedorf Leichtathletik / Rhönrad, who became sports team of the year 2015, do not only roll with the big wheel but also on BLACKROLL!
BLACKROLL is used not only for the usual roll out sessions for speedy recovery and preparation; they’re also experimented with: making handstands and splits on the BLACKROLL products.
Combining them in extreme balance training. Her BLACKROLL training is anything but usual: see pictures below..

Careful though! Don’t try this at home! Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, like Saskia.


Since 2012 Saskia is doing this amazing sport (one has to have loads of strength as well as flexibility) on a performance level and trains no less than 6 to 7 days, of which 3-4 times with the wheel. In 2014, she won her first national titles in North Germany and (in her own words) – as the underdog – took the third place twice in the German National Championships, qualifying herself for the World’s Championships to her own surprise. She hasn’t been in the wheel gymnastics top scene for that long yet, however she’s going strong.

Through her trainer Jan Winter, also educated as a BLACKROLL Trainer, she learned about the diverse BLACKROLL products. Since wheel gymnastics isn’t an Olympic qualified sports and rather unknown, and athletes have to pay for a big part their own costs, BLACKROLL offers a good recovery method as there is no physiotherapist at hand before and after training: “experience shows that I can get quite far with just the BLACKROLL; especially directly after training (and especially after ‘leg day’!) I really enjoy to extensively roll out the tensions in my body to get ready again for the next training”.

Wheel gymnastics demands a lot from the body: not only does one need mobility and flexibility. It also requires maximum full body tension, strength and precise movement at the same time. The movements Saskia makes in the wheel, quickly create tensions in her back and neck. The DuoBalls are great to use in her case, she claims: “besides the normal recovery session, I can treat myself to punctual treatment of tensions. Sometimes very painful – but it helps.. Somehow I find the pain pleasant, especially because I notice improvement immediately”.

Saskia got acknowledged for her performance by winning ‘Sportsperson of the Year 2015’.

Want to know what wheel gymnastics looks like? Watch Saskia Güntner in action!

A visit to ACF Fiorentina – Italy

Jürgen Dürr and Trainer Luciano Adami did not think twice and rolled out a great training for the players and their coaches. Other clubs such as Juventus FC are already on the waiting list…

Right to left:

  • LUCA LONERO – FISIOTERAPISTA / physical therapist
  • STEFANO DAINELLI – MASSO-FISIOTERAPISTA / massage therapist & physical therapist


Vonn starts 2016 with double victory and setting records!

Lindsey Vonn‘s hard work (of which rehabilitation training was a big part) to get back on track paid off. She has proven herself a winner once again last weekend with a double victory in the World Cup, disciplines super-G and downhill in Zauchensee, Austria.

Recovering from a serious knee injury and surgery during the last year, Vonn blows everyone away with her results. With the help of the BLACKROLL VYPER and very intense rehab training, she was determined to come back stronger than ever.

We’re telling you: this athlete is on fire!


Double Win and Crushing Records

Lindsey won her 36th world cup downhill race and thereby tied with the legendary Austrian Annemarie Moser-Proell’s World Cup downhill victory record.

“I’m extremely excited,” Vonn told the official FIS website. “You know, two wins in a weekend is amazing, and it’s the perfect start to the new year.”

Lindsey Vonn is the winningest female world cup ski racer in history with 73 wins (the next closest woman has 62).  Lindsey is now going for Ingemar Stenmark’s record of 86 World Cup victories to gain the most world cup victories of any ski racer, male or female.

Bike and Roll to get fit for Rio 2016!

The German Olympic track cycling team warms up for the games in Brazil, by preparing in Colombia. The two championships in Cali were quite successful for the team. The group of four started in 4 different disciplines, of which 2 were won, one time finishing second place and once on sixth place.

Henning Bommel, Kersten Thiele, Leon Rohde, Domenic Weinstein, Nils Schomber: training and recovery session with BLACKROLL®.

Since track cycling not only demands loads of leg power – but rather depends on the full body myofascial (muscles + fascial network) functioning, the cyclists use different BLACKROLL® products. The BLACKROLL® Ball (perfect for an intense, punctual massage and release of the gluteus muscles), and BLACKROLL® DuoBall are important tools for the recovery of the athletes on wheels. Besides the ‘all time favourite’, the classic BLACKROLL®, the round tools are used on a daily base as well.

How to prepare for your First Triathlon…

Lena Kuhmann (24) trains for her very first triathlon. In between her training schedule she uses different BLACKROLL® products to recover optimally and to keep on going.

Lena Kuhmann:
„As a triathlon beginner I am a total fan of BLACKROLL®. Knowing I tend to tense up quickly, especially in my back, BLACKROLL® helps enormously to prevent this. What I like is that you can decide to one day take a little more time and roll out all body parts, and the other day only only some muscle groups, depending on what you feel your body needs at that time, fitting to the particular training.”

For me, as a starter in the three triathlon disciplines, having to handle the increasing load of training progressively, the BLACKROLL® Standard and BLACKROLL® MINI  are great to use together, to give my muscles a well deserved treatment to relax and to prevent stiffness.
In the upcoming weeks and months, and even years, BLACKROLL® will be my continuous training partner, which I would recommend to everyone.
Even my mother, who is a physiotherapist but did not yet have any experience with BLACKROLL® until I showed her, was quite excited about the product and its multi-functionality.”

Horse Riding: Anna Abbelen prepares with BLACKROLL®

Anna-Christina Abbelen is 19 years old, studies international business in Cologne and is a proud part of „team Germany“ in dressage riding. She is the current European Team Champion and last year she became individual, freestyle and team European Champion. And German Champion as well. So how does she do it?!

Training three times a day on her horses is not enough: additionally Anna trains her full body in the gym and with BLACKROLL. She particularly enjoys stabilisation exercises with the roll, as they help her to stay on the horse and follow its movements. A trained, strong core is essentrial. On top, the shoulders and back are trained extra in the gym, which need a full body roll out after riding as well, to release any tensions that are created during horse riding.

Anna: “I am happy to travel around the world to many different competitions (France, Italy, England, Netherlands,….), but sadly there is no gym at some places where I could work out. So I ordered the BLACKROLL a while ago and started to work out with this great tool… I take it with me to every place I go!

I noticed a huge different since I started with BLACKROLL; in my posture. It is much more upright and stretched, which leads to more elegant look and generally a complete picture with the horse!”

She continues: “Before I saddle up my horse for competition I always roll my back on the BLACKROLL to feel better prepared and kind of „free“ without any blockages which could disturb the movement between rider and the horse.

To get a general Impression what he sport is about: click here. 

We’re your biggest fans, Anna!

Keep riding, #KeepRolling!


2 wheels, 1 ROLL: Kobi Sturm

“The BLACKROLL® is an amazing tool! You have to try it out yourself, to really get to know the product and experience its multi functionality…”.

Photo: Ian Collins (MTB-Mag) in Aptos, California

Kobi Sturm does tricks on his bicycle, that most people can only dream of. Weightless, athletic, insane stuff…!

Why he loves BLACKROLL® and what he does with it?
“You get to know your own body better, you know exactly what muscle groups needs attention and some working on. Besides that, gaining flexibility and mobility and simply feeling better”.

Bild: Barcelona von Dominik Schall

Windsurfing Freestyle World Champion 2015: Dieter!

The Flemish Dieter van der Eyken (B-35) won the PWA title (Professional Windsurfers Association) in the Freestyle discipline. Almost no other sport is as dynamic, aesthetic and at the same time extremely demanding of the muscles and tendons.

We know Dieter since years and know him as an authentic, sympathetic guy and a first-row BLACKROLL® fan…

Congratulations Dieter, keep on ROLLING!

Picture by Sebastian Schöffel


Handball: Jens Schöngarth chooses the BLACKROLL VYPER

German Handball player Jens Schöngart chooses the BLACKROLL® VYPER.
The VYPER decreases even the most hardcore tensions with its three-level vibration function.

Jens Schöngarth mit der BLACKROLL® VYPER

The 2 meter tall player of TuS N-Lübbecke relies on the effective use of the BLACKROLL® VYPER for full-body recovery.

Rope ‘n’ ROLL!

Emiliano Ron aka “The RopeMaster” lives on the edge..
Training, workshops, travel, bad beds and little time to relax. Because of his work as a rope master this artist asks a lot of his body, while the recovery periods are scarce.

His new best friend and trainings partner, the BLACKROLL® GROOVE PRO, now accompanies Emiliano from dusk till dawn; massaging his back and stiff muscles. It helps him to recover and relax in an optimal way.

An inseparable couple. Emiliano Ron and his BLACKROLL® GROOVE PRO.

Emiliano Ron:
“Rope life is tough. Training, touring, teaching and performing pushes my body to its limits. Blackroll is always by my side”.

Follow Emiliano on instagram.

Rugby League UK: Wigan Warriors rock and ROLL!

Rugby – one of the toughest team sports this world knows and quite popular in the United Kingdom.For the Wigan Warriors from Manchester, one of the top teams in the British league, the BLACKROLL® products are an essential part of the training and their recovery sessions.
The only object used more by the team than the BLACKROLL… is the rugbyball ;-).

Olly Gildart and Josh Charnley recover their leg musculature with BLACKROLL®

Dominic Manfredi and Liam Farrell using the BLACKROLL® DuoBall (8 and 12 cm) on the calves.
At this moment, the Warriors are runner up in the league but aim to kick the leading team from Leeds from their thrown. We’re excited and curious about how the team will do in the UK Super League!

B-BALL & B-ROLL: Ratiopharm Ulm, Germany

They are black and orange, and they are always securing a place in the top of the first basketball national league in Germany: Team Ratiopharm Ulm.

Naturally, the orange and black BLACKROLL® fit great as a partner. Either the original BLACKROLL, or the orange BLACKROLL PRO (for the profis) – BLACKROLL® takes care of the players’ muscles, before and after the game.

KITE & ROLL – Anke Brandt goes the extra mile!

Anke is an ambitious kitesurfer since six years. She is a World record holder, achieving to ride the longest continuous kitesurfing journey (female) of 250.32 km. Not only does she love to go the extra mile on the water, she also enjoys an intense and recovering roll out on the BLACKROLL.

In 2014 she started using BLACKROLL to prepare for her world record attempt:
“My physiotherapist first recommended me to use the roll. It helped me to optimally prepare my legs and back, for the very long time I spend on the water”.

Ever since, the BLACKROLL goes wherever Anke goes.

Right now she is preparing for a new “extreme kiting project” and actively involves the products of BLACKROLL® to get in the best shape to perform on the water.

“My ‘rolling highlight’ so far: in June I had a severe injury in my foot which led to a slight malposition and overuse of the nerves in the ankle joint, which resulted in pain in the Achilles tendon. With the BLACKROLL® MINI I was able to literally roll away the pain and start at the Red Bull Coast to Coast 2015. I became runner-up in the women’s division of the world’s hardest and longest kiting competition.”

Way to go power woman… ROLL ON, Anke!